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Efficiency, Versatility and Toughness

Efficiency, versatility and toughness

Enabled with the ability to transmit simultaneously on multiple channels whilst also recording positional data (GPS or Total Station) at the same time as the GPR data, allows for fast efficient data collection and that makes our Groundvue range of GPR systems one the most capable GPR systems on the planet.

 They are built to deal with a variety of environments. 

  • A very high frequency range. Top to bottom ratio of frequency on Groundvue is 3:1 where the industry norm is 2:1. This means fewer antenna changes are needed as each radar covers a much wider range. Frequencies available are from 15MHz to 6GHz (central frequencies).
  • The Groundvue radars operate at scan rates of up to 1600 scans/second on 8 channel simultaneous operation.
  • Stable times base – no drift in the position of the received signal relative to the transmit pulse, reducing set-up time. In road trials held by TRL Ltd on behalf of the UK Highways Agency, the Groundvue time base earned the maximum 3 star rating.
  • Positioning made easy – all Groundvue systems have software which records GPS or Total Station data simultaneously with GPR.
  • Separable antennas for most systems (not 4GHz) giving the option of WARR calibration as well as borehole calibration or curve fitting.
  • Tough UHMW skids protecting antennas and permitting good ground coupling in uneven terrain.
  • Operation with dedicated dataloggers ensures continuous operation even in wet weather, and easy data download to any PC via ethernet connection.
  • For harsh environments Utsi Electronics Ltd can recommend suitable ruggedised handheld computers.
  • Basic Groundvue software allows you to record, replay, process and calibrate data. Groundvue data is also compatible with REFLEX, RoadDoctor, GPR-Slice and Geosoft, versatile and reliable software interpretative packages available on the market.  If you don’t already have a copy, we can arrange to supply a demo version for evaluation and we can bridge to your existing interpretative software.

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