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Security & Unexploded Ordnance

Security Searches & Unexploded Ordinance

These type of investigations require high frequency antennas and also use specialised antenna design.

Looking for concealed weapons in buildings, under concrete or concealed behind door panels requires a very high frequency radar such as the 4GHz Groundvue 5. The picture below shows a vertical plan (time slice) of two batons concealed behind a door panel. The darker image indicates that one is made of metal.

See also Specialist Tools for internal wall inspections.

Lower frequency antennas may be used for example where old ordinance has penetrated deeply into the ground. The image below shows unexploded ordinance buried in peat next to a former World War 2 airfield.

The left hand image shows the far side of a wall whose contents were analysed using a Groundvue 5.  We cannot show you what was found in the wall but we can show you the correspondence between the final image on the far side (right hand side) what was on that surface of the wall – pretty impressive given that  this is working at the end of the depth range of this radar!

The designs for our antennas intended for the detection of UXO are not publicly available. If you wish to discuss these or potential future designs, please contact us here.

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