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Groundvue 3_1

Groundvue 3_1

This is the single channel version of the wireless Groundvue 3_8.  and can be used with any of the Groundvue 3 antennas from 250MHz right up to 6GHz. 


High Speed Single Channel – 1,600 scans per second – consistent with multi-channel operation at traffic speeds.

Tablet or laptop operation (Windows 8, 7 or XP)

Fully Integrated GPS

Antennas from 250MHz up to and including 6GHz. 


Multi-Functional.  The same system can be used from a trolley, from a vehicle or hand-towed. 

Real Time Monitoring with changeable gain & filter settings (also in real time)

Internal Rechargeable battery with external connection for re-charging and also for additional external battery.

Efficient Economic Hardware Design

Clear data – internal stacking to reduce noise & jittered PRF to reduce interference.

Low Power Consumption (controller & antennas, not just transmitter).

Fully Screened.

Efficient Economic Software Design

Windows based User Friendly Software.

Integrated GPS/GPR (much faster data collection).

No pre-filtering required.

Signal Quality Monitoring – wiggle trace from any 1 channel alongside the 2d data from the same or other channels.

Utility mark up Function for locating utilities on site.

Internal Tzero correction, stored for automatic import into processing package.

Antenna Frequencies

250MHz, 400MHz, 1GHz, 1.5GHz, 4GHz, 6GHz.  100MHz coming soon.

Regulation Compliance

ETSI compliant (CE marked).

FCC compliance available on request.

Extra Tools

This GPR can also be used with the crack detection head although we recommend using one of the multi-channel Groundvue 3s for crack depth detection/measurement so that you can use a traditional antenna of the same frequency alongside the adapted antenna.  Using both types of antenna gives the information about cracks and layers at the same time.

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