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Groundvue 3 – 8 Channel

Groundvue 3 - 8 Channel

This is the latest high speed flexible Groundvue multi-channel.  It can be used in any configuration, from a trolley, from a vehicle, hand towed.  Antennas can be attached, detached for another application, changed around at will.  And the viewing parameters can be changed during operation.  This is the radar used to detect fibre optic cables (video coming soon) and also to accurately track the direction of utilities at one sweep.

High Speed Multi-Channel

  • Up to 1,600 scans per second
  • Data collection speed consistent with traffic speeds
  • Simultaneous triggering without cross channel interference
  • Up to 8 channels: select any number from 1 to 8
  • Independent time sweep (probing depth in nanoseconds) on every channel
  • Independent antenna frequency on every channel
  • Integrated GPS input (independent of laptop)


  • Wi-Fi operation
  • Ethernet cable for frequencies >1GHz where Wi-Fi cannot be used


  • This is a multi-channel GPR which can be used in single or multifrequency modes
  • It can also serve as a high density array in either single or multifrequency.
    The antennas can be positioned in any configuration that the user requires.
  • Up to 8 channels: select any number from 1 to 8
  • View any number of channels on screen simultaneously – from 1 to 8. Change the view during survey without affecting the data recording.
  • Selectable wiggle trace on any channel to monitor the data quality.
  • Gain settings can be altered during the survey. The operator can change the gain settings whenever this is useful during the survey. This does not affect the recorded data in anyway
  • Up to 4 receivers can be used with 1 single transmitter.
    Since the antennas are simultaneously triggered, transmission velocity can be calculated automatically from the multiple receiver data.
    This multi-channel can be used for 3-dimensional SAR processing

Efficient Economic Hardware Design

  • Clear Data – Internal stacking in the receivers with jittered PRF reduces external interference, resulting in clearer data and less requirement for processing
  • Modular – This multi-channel can be used for multiple applications.  Why buy two systems if one will do?
  • Multi-functional – The same system can be used from a trolley or from a vehicle or even hand pulled antennas from the same system
  • Low Power Consumption – Only 1A at 12V (12 watts)
  • Fully Screened – To prevent stray emissions and protect from external transmission

Efficient Economic Software Design

  • Windows based software
  • Raw data recorded – No pre-filtering required
  • Utility mark up function – For locating utilities on-site
  • On-screen Tzero correction – The correction is automatically stored in the header file for automatic import into processing package (reduction in processing steps)
  • On-screen Background Removal

Added Value Tools

  • Crack Depth Measurement – Any GPR can detect areas of generalised cracking. The adapted crack detection head is used for:
    • Accurate detection of joints in concrete
    • Depth measurement of surface (top down) cracking
    • Detection of subsurface (bottom up) cracking on roads, airports and in structures such as concrete loading bays and flat roofs
  • Automatic Velocity Calibration – Groundvue antennas are simultaneously triggered, not sequentially, and without cross channel interference. Using multiple receivers connected to a single transmitter, continuous comparative data is created. Layer tracing generates the information needed to calculate transmission velocity for the full length of the data collected. In the process, any anomalous areas show clearly. 

Antenna Frequencies

6GHz, 4GHz, 1.5GHz, 1GHz, 400MHz and 250MHz.  100MHz currently under development.

Regulation Compliance

  • ETSI compliant (CE marked)
  • FCC compliance available on request


  • A laptop or tablet (Windows 8, 7 or XP) is required for radar operation and data storage.  
  • A long term data storage system is essential
  • A basic 12V battery charger is needed to charge the radar batteries.

Optional Extras

  • Analytical software – the ReflexW package – is also available.
    Details on request
  • Groundvue data is also compatible with Roadscanners, GPR-Slice and Geoscanners software.
  • Data formats can be supplied to other software suppliers on request.

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